„Alex 2002“ Ltd.

Innovative and fast growing transport company in Bulgaria, providing environmentally friendly container transport.

We offer a professional level of service combined with flexibility, punctuality and an individual approach to our customers and partners.

We develop and implement innovative technologies!

We look boldly ahead into the future!

Customer satisfaction is our first priority!

Our team of young and motivated professionals is focused on meeting all the requirements and expectations of our clients.

Environmental protection and ecology are at the core of our corporate strategy!

Alex-K 2002 Ltd. has a modern fleet of heavy-duty, natural gas trucks, meeting the environmental EVI standard. The company has parking lots for trucks in Plovdiv, Devnya and the village of Orizovo.

The role that natural gas plays in the future of global energy is inextricably linked to its ability to help solve environmental problems. With concerns about air quality and climate change, natural gas offers many potential benefits and will displace more polluting fuels.

The company has 2 container yards and 2 auto repair shops.

Tractors and trailers for sale